Wooden Rose is a Victorian fairy tale about love, loss and betrayal, enchanted forests and ancient mythical creatures.

It updates every Monday.

Sisters Lillian and Nessa reside alone and care for their father, who has been ill for a year now. Nessa takes a fall out in the snow and is aided by a strange gentleman. Mr. Thorne’s charm quickly draws her to him and she finds herself in the romance she has always dreamed of. What she does not know is that the handsome stranger hides a dark secret, one that puts her and those around her at great risk.

All of the artwork in this novel was created in photoshop.

Begun in January, 2009.


Tami Wicinas

Tami grew up in Berkeley, CA and presently resides in Boston, MA. She has been drawing her entire life and currently works as a professional artist. She loves to read books and illustrate stories, and has only recently developed an interest in comics.

Wooden Rose is Tami’s first graphic novel.


A huge thank you to:
My friend Martzi, who serves as my editor,
advice-giver, and moral support. This comic would not have happened without her help and enthusiasm;
My parents Bruce and Noriko, and my sister Kay
for their love and encouragement;
My friend Steve, who helped me put together this website.